The 1922 Club Murder #1 – About the book

Chef Andre Mouton is dead. His body found at the infamous 1922 Club, once a roaring speakeasy during Prohibition. Today, it’s a social club, and Chef Mouton is the club’s executive chef – until someone stabs him to death with his own knife. Chef’s life isn’t all that it appears on the surface. With every turn, there’s another secret revealed about Little Rock’s most famous chef. Everyone close to Chef is a suspect, and they all have motive.

Crime reporter Riley Sullivan is the woman for the story. Smart, cagey and an even better investigator than writer, Riley uncovers clues even the cops haven’t found. The only problem, she’s one-upping her boyfriend – lead detective Luke Morgan. Luke isn’t a fan of her digging around his investigation, but the information Riley uncovers might just be the breaks in the case he needs to bring a killer to justice.

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Deadly Sins #2 – About the book

Private investigator Riley Sullivan is a woman on a mission – to find the missing wife of her ex-boyfriend. To do so, she must come back to a city full of unfinished business and a life she left behind. Stuck between two men she once loved – the suspect and lead homicide detective – Riley is catapulted into an intense serial homicide investigation, a case like the sleepy Heights neighborhood of Little Rock has never seen. Needing assistance, Riley teams up with her friend Cooper Deagnan, a former Little Rock police detective turned private investigator. Riley and Cooper quickly realize this is no ordinary missing person’s case. Riley finds as the body count rises, so does her suspicion of a man she once loved. Riley must battle her own emotional demons to untangle the web of lies created by the residents of Little Rock’s most upscale neighborhood, find a serial killer, and keep herself from becoming the final victim.




Harper’s Folly #1 – About the Book

It took only one winter day for Manhattan socialite Harper Ryan’s life to be upended. A murder, a mistress and the mob landed right at her feet. Harper isn’t sure what to do about it or even where to start. When the FBI asks for her help to dig into her husband’s business dealings, Harper balks. She’s the editor-in-chief of her family’s magazine, not an investigator. But the FBI never said helping was a choice.

Harper turns to the only person she really trusts, her Aunt Hattie. Even though Harper’s aunt is far away living in Little Rock, Hattie’s psychic clarity and bit of witchy magic might be Harper’s only saving grace. Hattie’s got more than that up her sleeve though. With a new stranger in town, Colonel Jackson Morris, Hattie is determined to figure him out. Plus, Hattie needs to convince Harper that she has her own magical powers before the whole family’s legacy goes down the drain, if only Hattie can get the poor girl out of her current predicament first.

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