Case Studies

copywriting-sqMargarita Island
This small family-owned business in San Antonio, Texas, needed a presence on the web but they couldn’t quite get the content the way they wanted. They knew they couldn’t write the copy themselves but feared paying a writer would be far too expensive for their small business. They met Stacy at a local business networking event and realized that hiring a writer was definitely within their budget. Connecting with Stacy, they discussed who their primary audience would be and what was most important for their audience to know. From there, Stacy was able to create a custom messaging platform for their website and other marketing materials. The content helps to inform the audience but also begins to build relationships with their customer base. Margarita Island wanted content that reflected the fun side of their business but also relayed that their customers were more than just business transactions to them. They wanted to create a fun, family atmosphere from initial introduction all the way through the final sale and beyond.


Mission Possible Investigations
Stacy started working with Mission Possible Investigations when the business was formed in 2007. To date, Stacy is the primary writer for Mission Possible Investigations. The owner, Jamie Richardson, has consulted with Stacy for writing services for his website, marketing copy, public relations, and state and federal RFPs. Mission Possible Investigations relies heavily on public relations to promote their work and connect with new clients. They also utilize PR to inform and educate the public about what a private investigator does and how to hire a reputable company. As a result of their PR work, both Jamie and Stacy were weekly regulars on the “Mulrooney in the Morning” radio show on 104.9 FM in Albany, NY. Jamie has also been interviewed for several local Albany news programs and featured in educational podcasts talking about his elder abuse investigation expertise. Further, Stacy also developed a long-standing relationship with PI Magazine, a trade magazine for private investigations, attorneys and law enforcement. Stacy routinely publishes educational articles in the magazine with by-line credit highlighting Mission Possible Investigations. As a result of the work, Mission Possible Investigations grew from a small city based business to gaining national exposure for their experience and expertise.

nonprofit-sqNew York State Community Action Association
Stacy worked with the New York State Community Action Association to research and produce their Identifying and Documenting Excellence in Action Report: How Community Action Agencies Across New York State Maximized CSBG ARRA Funds to Develop Exemplary Practice Models. In October 2010, New York State Community Action Association along with 12 other State Community Action Associations received funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Community Services to research and identify exemplary programs and practices that were created or enhanced with the use of CSBG ARRA funding in the categories of Community Economic Development, Green Jobs and Job Creation. Through the use of an online survey, key informant interviews and a review of New York State Department of State reporting documentation, Stacy Jones and NYSCAA staff chose 13 exemplary programs that were highlighted in the final report. Stacy worked with the organization on this project through September 2011 and the result is a 160 page report Stacy wrote for the organization on the research findings.