crop1-tableStacy is a messaging strategist. It’s more than just creating content for a brochure, ad or your website. Sure Stacy can and will handle individual projects like these. But overall, she will ensure that your messaging is consistent across mediums and is working to help you reach your goals – whatever they may be. Some clients want to increase sales, others want to ensure current relationships with clients remain and grow stronger. Others need to position themselves as experts and reel in new client prospects. Stacy will help you do that and more while ensuring your messaging stays true to who you are and what you do while reinforcing your brand. It’s all about voice, tone and style. It’s different for every client.

Messaging Audits
Sometimes you just need an outside perspective. Stacy will review your messaging and content and provide you with an evaluation of existing content gaps, inconsistencies and missed opportunities. She will make recommendations for strengthening your messaging to better connect with your identified audiences and reach your goals. Further, Stacy will help you better define your brand’s tone and voice to increase your brand value.

Messaging Platform
For some clients it’s not about an individual project like a brochure or print ad. Instead its more about creating a messaging platform that gives your business the very foundational content you need, which you can utilize in just about anything you want to create. It’s messaging that defines you but more than that it works to create that emotional connection between you and your audience so you can move them to action. This is where we begin to create your own unique tone, voice and style.

Print Copy
This list could be endless. From brochures and newsletters to ad copy, sales pages and more, Stacy’s writing can be as diverse as the projects you need fulfilled. Content is always written with the audience and your end goals in mind.

Web Copy
From writing content for your entire website or just specific landing pages to email marketing content, Stacy can help you write the content you need to get attention and build lasting relationships with your audience. Your website should be the hub of your business where you send your audience from social media posts, print marketing pieces and your public relations initiatives. What you say on your website is vital to your success.

Stacy always provides a free consultant to discuss your project. She also provides you with a customized proposal that includes your options and cost. A written contract before the work starts is provided to ensure you know exactly what services are being provided and at what cost.

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