crop-table-centerThere’s no denying nonprofit organizations have a lot of writing needs. Having worked almost her whole career in one capacity or another for and with nonprofit organizations, Stacy understands nonprofits. She understands their structure, their make-up, their benefits and their challenges. Most importantly she understands that executive directors and the boards that govern them have a lot to accomplish with often limited time and funding. From research reports to in-house policies and procedures and beyond, Stacy tackles just about any writing job. Stacy writes for nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways.  Some examples of our nonprofit writing services are below:

Grant writing can be a challenge. There’s no denying that. And the one thing Stacy does that almost no other grant writer does is work with the organization to ensure from a programmatic standpoint that the program designed matches the grant you are applying for. Having designed and implemented countless programs for nonprofits, Stacy knows that this is the most critical part of your grant application. All the best grant writing in the world will not secure grant funding if the program does not meet the criteria of the funder. There’s almost no point in applying. To Stacy, writing grants is second nature and the work she does for clients when writing them goes far beyond writing services. From large scale federal applications to small foundation grants, Stacy has secured millions of dollars in grant funding for her clients.

Strategic Planning
There is nothing more critical to the success of a nonprofit organization than strategic planning.  Without it, the organization can and will falter. Stacy still considers this a part of writing. Why? Because the end result of a good strategic planning session is a usable strategic planning document. Not something that will sit on your shelf to be taken out once a year but a living document that is used at board meetings, staff meetings and utilized to set daily direction. Stacy’s strong facilitation and research skills, coupled with program design and innovation helps nonprofit leaders evaluate where the organization has been, where they are going and how to get there. The end of the strategic planning session, Stacy takes everything that was accomplished and puts it into a usable document that lays out your goals, objectives, timelines and often most important who is responsible.

Board Training
Board training also plays an important part of strategic direction. Stacy does not provide cookie cutter board training. Each board has their own unique make-up and presents their own unique benefits and challenges. Board training starts with a simple board survey and from that customized training with usable training materials are developed and delivered to meet your board’s specific needs. Stacy’s background in psychology also helps to smooth out bumps that nonprofit boards encounter. With Stacy’s unique relaxed training style board members are encouraged to speak their minds and discuss some of the most difficult topics that work to derail their organizations. Board members leave training feeling refreshed, heard and most important understanding their role and ready to work for the good of the organization.