PR Writing

crop-table-bot-rightBusinesses and particularly small business don’t necessarily know how to use public relations to their advantage. Have you sent press release after press release and never have anything picked up? There can be many reasons why this happens. The content you are providing simply might not be newsworthy. It might not be an interesting story or formatted in an appropriate way. It might not contain enough research or relevant quotes. Stacy can take a look at what you’ve been doing regarding your public relations initiatives and make some suggestions, reframe your content and get you better prepared to use PR effectively.

Press Releases/ Articles  
Stacy writes traditional press releases, feature stories and other stories/ articles that can be utilized in print media and on the web. Many clients come to Stacy asking for a press release to be written and learn that a traditional press release isn’t always the answer. She can help take the information you want your audience to know and turn it into an appropriate format to reach the goal you have. Maybe instead it could be an article for an industry blog or even turned into a feature story for your industry’s trade magazine. Working as a freelance writer, Stacy has pitched her stories and have had them picked up by traditional news print, magazines, trade journals and blogs. Stacy will research, interview the appropriate experts and create a perfectly crafted article for your use.

Media Kits
The very foundation of your public relations activities should be a well-crafted media kit. This does not have to be expensive to create and it’s something that can and should be downloadable from your business website. Stacy will help evaluate what journalists need to know most about your business, your industry and your experts and then craft a media kit to meet those goals.

Expert Bios
Most people don’t enjoy writing their own bios. It’s difficult to wade through a long work history and decide what to keep and what to leave out. Really it will depend on its use and one bio may not fit all occasions. Stacy will help craft your experts’ bios to highlight the most relevant experience that will make them media ready. Ever wonder how your competitor keeps getting great quotes in local and national industry stories? A solid expert bio and knowing how to pitch is the foundation to success.

Media Pitches
Stacy coaches business leaders on how to position themselves as experts and pitch their expertise to the media. She can write the pitches for you, frame your information in the most informative and interesting way possible and work to highlight you as one of the leading experts in your field.

Social Media
Almost every business Stacy comes across has at least a Facebook and Twitter page. But just because you have it, doesn’t mean you know how to use it to your advantage. Stacy works with business leaders to utilize their social media effectively. She will help you create an editorial calendar and craft interesting and informative posts as well as content that will keep your audience engaged. Most importantly, she will help you stay active on social media and keep your content consistent and relevant to your audience.

Blog/ News Articles
One of the best way to highlight your expertise is to publish your own content. But for most business leaders, especially freelancers and small businesses, there simply isn’t enough time in the day. Stacy can work with you to create an editorial calendar and research, conduct interviews and craft blog posts/ news items/ and articles that highlight your content consistently keeping your audience connected and using you as a go-to-resource.