Joan on Amazon says, “I was lucky to get in on a free e-reader advanced copy of this awesome Novella ~ Harper’s Folly was captivating from beginning to end. I just loved the witchery magic touch added to the murder and suspense of the story. Looking forward to the upcoming series.”

Tamara on Amazon says,  “I got an ebook of this from BookFunnel, and I truly enjoyed it!”






Carmen on Amazon says, “I loved this book! A great mystery. I thought I had it figured out halfway through but then the author would reveal something new and my guess would change. She spun a tale that kept me reading long into the night to find the truth. It was also really neat that the setting was in my hometown and I could easily picture all the places the characters were going to. It made it very realistic.




Sara on Goodreads says, “I literally savored this book like a sea salt caramel! Honestly, I didn’t want it to end. I have the proverbial book hangover, but I’m eager for the release of THE BONE HARVEST in 2019. This book takes place in Little Rock which is near and dear to my heart. I especially love the neighborhoods of Hillcrest and The Heights. I loved having a visual of the streets, communities, and local references. Even if you don’t live in Little Rock, this is a superb mystery that keeps you on your toes and the booked tucked in your purse wherever you go! You’ll relate to Riley and her life choices. Truly a great read!! Pick it up!”