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Online Editors

By on Jul 30, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Some of my clients will occasionally use online editing websites that offer free editing of their work. Sites like the Hemingway App for instance. These can be terrific resources when used the right way. They can help you correct common grammar mistakes, and will help you revise sentences if you use passive voice too much or tend to create run-on sentences. However, there is one major drawback if you rely solely on this form of editing. Your own unique voice and style can be lost in the process. Think of how you speak. There are hills and valleys in your speech. There is a natural flow and rhythm. This is what makes speech interesting and keeps people engaged. The same is true for your content. The problem is these online editors are working to make content simple and as a result flat. I had a client email me the other day and was panicked because after running her content through an online editor and making all the changes suggested, her content sounded like robot speech. I wasn’t surprised. They work to flatten out your natural hills and valleys, and as a result your own unique voice is lost. I suggest you keep using your favorite editing sites but take their suggestions as just that – suggestions. Change what you know can be improved and keep what you know is correct. Resist the temptation to flatten out your content and simplify to the point where you sound like a robot. Don’t be afraid to read your content aloud after it’s written to see how it sounds to others. Just doing that alone, you’ll catch mistakes you didn’t see before and begin to get a feel for your unique style and...

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