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Improve Year-End Fundraising

By on Nov 19, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Whether there is a specific focus around the holidays or not, many nonprofits choose this time of year to kick off their annual fundraising appeal. For some, it can yield a good portion of their overall annual fundraising, but for others the campaign call fall flat. The following are some simple steps any organization can take to revive its annual appeal, better engage its donors and have one last final fundraising push. But first, consider the timing. Timing Unless your organization has successfully done an annual holiday or year-end fundraising campaign for years, you might want to consider another time to send out your annual appeal. Most faithful donors are bombarded with holiday and end-of-the-year appeals. So much so that you won’t always have your audience’s full attention and certainly not always all they can and are willing to give. If you have noticed your donations drop off year to year, it could be your campaign, or it could just be bad timing. Consider an appeal at another time of the year. Spring, for instance, or even earlier in fall. With less competition, there will be more attention on your needs and potentially more money. The earlier in the holiday season the appeal can be sent, the more likely you’ll have your donors’ full attention. Delivery Hopefully, before you send out your annual appeal, you understand your audience’s demographic make-up. It’s okay to still send some annual appeals by mail while emailing others. Know which your audience prefers and which yields the greatest donations. Be willing to change things up to meet your donors’ preference. And don’t forget to utilize other marketing communications channels at your organization to support your appeal. Modify content on your website’s homepage to talk about the annual appeal with a clear call to action on how to donate and the impact donors are making. Add personal impact stories to the website and social media around this time to reinforce the great work at the organization. Never let an annual appeal be stand-alone communication; let it work in conjunction with other marketing efforts already in place. Make it personal Making the appeal as personal as possible to each of your individual donors will go a...

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