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Hiring a Grant Writer

By on Nov 12, 2014 in News | 0 comments

I write grants for many nonprofit clients. Big federal grants to small family foundation grants and everything in between. The truth is for me the writing part of the grant is a very small part of what I do related to grant writing. Many grant writers work differently, and I encourage current and potential clients to make sure you have a good rapport with whomever you choose to write your grants. It is important that the grant writer is working effectively for your organization. Here are some tips when selecting a grant writer: Experience – Grant writing can be challenging. Each funder often has a specific formula for how they want to receive the information. Make sure that the grant writer you chose has some familiarity with the type of grant you are seeking. Large federal grants often seek additional information like logic models. Check to make sure your grant writer can fulfill these requirements ahead of time. Persuasive Argument Skills – A grant is basically your opportunity to convince a grant funder to invest in your organization and your program. A great grant writer will be able to help your organization lay out the need for funding backed up by data, explain your proposed funding need compellingly and convincingly and then lay out the impact funds will have for your organization. Your grant writer needs to make a strong case for investment for you to be funded. Understanding of Nonprofit & Program Development – One of the things I do most often when writing a grant is to ensure that my client and their proposed funding need is a match for both the grant funder and the grant application. There are times when it’s just not a fit. It’s my job as a grant writer to make sure my client isn’t wasting their time and money by hiring me. It’s been necessary at times to help the client tweak their program, if possible, to better fit the grant specifications. A grant writer not familiar with nonprofits and program development will not be able to assist with this. Contract Clarity – This is important. There are many pieces to a grant application. Many times an organization cannot just hand...

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