The Writer

Stacy M. Jones has been a professional writer  for more than 15 years. After earning masters’ degrees in journalism and forensic psychology, Stacy spent her early career providing legal advocacy and counseling services to victims of crime and helped start a children’s advocacy center from the ground up.

Later in her career, Stacy took on larger national projects training law enforcement and helping to revitalize failing nonprofit organizations. For a time, she served as an executive director for a failing children’s advocacy center and was tasked to turn the nonprofit organization around. Her writing skills aided her work. There was no way to attract new donors, market the benefits of the organization and successfully gain grants without stellar writing skills. By the time she left the organization, a short two years later, revenue was up 60 percent, a donor base was established and the organization staffing doubled.

Throughout her career, Stacy had been freelancing on the side helping small businesses grow and selling her stories to magazines and newspapers. When Stacy knew it was time for a career change, she finally began writing full-time, and has been doing so successfully writing for businesses, nonprofits and subcontracting her work to public relations, marketing and web design firms.

Someone once asked her if she regretted not starting her career as a writer. Her answer was a resounding no. Stacy credits her ability to write well for her clients with her vast previous work experience, the diverse places she has lived and people she has met, her ability to research, ask important questions and dig tirelessly for the information she needs. Stacy also has a certain inquisitive and intuitive nature she brings to her writing.

Never forgetting her roots, Stacy still provides some additional capacity building services to nonprofit organizations through facilitating strategic planning sessions and conducting board training.

Want to learn more about Stacy? She loves meeting new people, exploring new subjects and connecting – so feel free to contact her to learn more.

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