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Stacy M. Jones is an author in the mystery & thriller genres. She currently has three series – all with strong female lead characters and a diverse supporting cast. The FBI Agent Kate Walsh Thriller series, the hard-boiled PI Riley Sullivan Mystery series, and the paranormal mystery Harper & Hattie Magical Mystery series.


Brand New Releases


Mad Jack – FBI Agent Kate Walsh Thriller #3

FBI Agents Kate Walsh and Declan James are sent in undercover to Mulberry Grove, posing as a married couple to infiltrate Jack Harlow’s personal development program. Harlow, known to the FBI as Mad Jack, is accused of running a cult and suspected of killing six couples in his program who have been murdered over the last five years. When Kate is targeted similarly to the other women, she and Declan’s lives are on the line. Can the two stop a killer before they become the next victims or will Jack Harlow continue to wreak havoc in the community?

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Harbor Cove Murders – PI Riley Sullivan Mystery Book #7

Five young women traveling with their friends have gone missing on the island of St. Thomas. The most recent only a few days before PI Riley Sullivan travels there with her husband, Det. Luke Morgan, for their best friend’s wedding. Vowing not to get involved, all Riley wants to do is focus on the wedding. Fate had other plans. Riley and Luke must work together to uncover who is behind these disappearances, but the clock is ticking and they only have so much time before their vacation is over. The race is on to stop a killer.

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