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Stacy M. Jones is an author in the mystery & thriller genres. She currently has three series – all with strong female lead characters and a diverse supporting cast. The FBI Agent Kate Walsh Thriller series, the hard-boiled PI Riley Sullivan Mystery series, and the completed paranormal cozy mystery Harper & Hattie Magical Mystery series.


Brand New Releases


Diamond King – FBI Agent Kate Walsh Thriller #7

While FBI Agent Kate Walsh is in Washington D.C. defending her career, the National Gallery of Art is robbed. The only suspect is the international art thief known as the Phantom. Kate is forced to bring him to justice if she has any hope of salvaging her job. There’s just one catch – the crimes don’t feel like the Phantom’s. Finding him could prove impossible and convincing him to help her might end her career. Can Kate get him to come out of the shadows or has she been so comprised by the relationship she can’t see the truth in front of her?

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Fear City PI Riley Sullivan Mystery #10

A serial sniper terrorizes a city.  A crime podcast host is caught in his crosshairs. As a late summer heat wave falls over Little Rock, a serial sniper begins a reign of terror. Killing indiscriminately, the community’s fears are heightened. The motive isn’t clear, except the sniper is focused on sending cryptic messages to Cat O’Conner, a local crime podcast host. PI Riley and her team must work under the clock to solve the riddles and stop the sniper.

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